Advanced Poker Coaching

Get personalized coaching sessions to refine your poker skills. We provide strategies for bluffing, understanding poker odds, betting tactics, and leveraging positions at the table.

Advanced Strategy Coaching

An elite program designed specifically for individuals who gamble for a living. We focus on refining strategies, managing bankroll, working on emotional control, risk assessment, and understanding odds in more depth.

Sports Betting Workshops

Our sport-centric program helps you understand and strategize for various sports betting – be it football, basketball, or any other sport. We’ll guide you on analyzing team strengths, weaknesses, trends, and making informed bets.

Operational Consulting

Exclusive consultancy for casino operators to understand better the strategies used by gamblers, enhance business models, ensure fair play, and improve security systems.

What makes us stand out.


Every client is unique, and so is our approach to coaching. We customize our strategies according to the experience level, goals, and preferences of each client, which sets us apart from ‘one approach fits all’ providers.

Based in Mathematics

Our co-founders – Dave and Sarah – bring a wealth of professional gambling and statistical expertise to our services. Their deep insights and understanding of the industry allow them to guide clients effectively in becoming successful gamblers or improving their current skills.

Data Driven

Our services strongly emphasize statistics and numerical analysis. The betting strategies we counsel are derived from rigorous analysis and proven statistical models, making our approach scientifically sound and reliable.

From anywhere

We utilize cutting-edge technology to bring our coaching and gambling insights right to your screen, whether that’s through live webinars, one-on-one virtual coaching, or digital resources.

Experience in numbers.

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